Software Engineer

Job Duties:


  • Work with a team of other software engineers to design and develop software that provides functionality of network router and firewall in a distributed multi-core platform.
  • Design and develop advanced TCP streaming module for application detection module and handles all kinds of anomalous traffic.
  • Design and develop redundancy support for data sessions stateful failover.
  • Design and develop software for data plane and packet forwarding sub-system.
  • Design and develop software for pattern-match based intrusion prevention system using C language.
  • Design and develop software modules to implement Intrusion Detection and Protection that inspect protocols, match against vulnerability database. Use knowledge of HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP to validate the firewall features.
  • Design and develop Versa Single Parse architecture and integrate with next gen firewall modules using C and Python.
  • Work with Engineering and Customer Support to assist with the troubleshooting of defects reported by customers or found during in-house release testing.
  • Debug and recreate customer reported issues.
  • Fix customer reported issue and verify the fix.
  • Engage with customer to understand and explain the Next-gen firewall intricacies.
  • Work on documenting software design and test plans.
  • Document Unit test plans and execution results.


Minimum Requirements:


Master’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field and 2 years of work experience as Software Engineer or a related occupation required. The required work experience must include 2 years of experience with: designing and developing software for networks services platform; C Programming; Network data-path programming; networking protocols – TCP/IP & UDP; designing and developing forwarding/data-plane software for a multi-core network platform.


Additional Information:


Employer’s name: Versa Networks, Inc.

Job site: 6001 America Center Drive, Suite 400, San Jose, CA 95002.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please mail resume with Job # 2020546 to HR at Versa Networks, Inc., 6001 America Center Drive, Suite 400, San Jose, CA 95002.