Versa Networks offers revolutionary vCPE (virtual customer premises equipment) solutions & managed services to a variety of customers ranging from enterprises to small-medium businesses. Based on VNFs that enable custom designed managed services with simpler and accelerated vCPE deployment.


Most SMBs (small to medium business) agree that they lack the dedicated IT resources needed to effectively manage networking technologies or secure their branch and remote sites from cybercriminals. This leaves service providers uniquely positioned to respond with an array of managed services designed specifically for the SMB market, including enterprise-grade routing.

But the majority of today’s SMB-focused services still employ a hardware-based approach to both CPE and head-end infrastructure that requires significant time to deploy and manage, and limits the number of services that providers can offer given the associated hardware and operating costs.


To increase reach and better serve the SMB market through managed services, providers need to migrate from building and operating their services using hardware-based CPE and transition to a software-based approach that leverages virtualized network functions (VNFs). When deployed on low-cost or very low cost commodity appliances, a VNF-based service such as managed routing can provide high-performance and a full feature set at significantly lower capital and operating cost than one based on proprietary routers.

The Versa Cloud IP Platform and its broad set of networking and security services allows service providers to deliver cost-effective VNF-based managed services for both SMB and enterprise customers. For example, a provider can deploy the Versa routing VNF on a small appliance at SMB customers’ branch offices and couple that with additional security services hosted in the provider data center. Smaller customers get a router with full protocol and policy support that is managed by their provider, along with security functions hosted at the provider – an enterprise-grade infrastructure they could not purchase or support on their own.

Designed to maximize agility and cost efficiency for the service provider, Versa SD-Router solutions are built with multi-tenancy, multiple services, elasticity and zero-touch provisioning to meet the pricing and simplified operations requirements to serve the SMB market.

Branch Network Architecture


With Versa vCPE solutions — based on Versa VNFs — service providers can design customized services for SMBs with nearly all functions residing centrally within the PoP, central office or data center.

As a result, vCPE deployments are greatly simplified and accelerated — providers ship very low-cost appliances to a customer’s locations and leverage the Versa Director central management platform to zero-touch provision a basic forwarding or routing function.

When building a managed service for SMBs with the Versa vCPE solution, providers can install a limited set of on-site functions (aka “thin branch”), and combine it with a broad set of telco cloud-based functions that together create a rich vCPE service offering that is low in cost.

These vCPE services can include advanced routing, next generation firewall, malware protection and other functions – not affordable as standalone hardware to most SMB customers – and still remain within budget.

The Versa vCPE solution — based on Versa VNF software coupled with very low-cost appliances in the branch and additional Versa VNFs in the PoP/central office — results in up to 80% lower Capex than traditional hardware-based managed services.

Opex is reduced through centralized management and zero-touch provisioning, which eliminates truck rolls and simplifies ongoing operations such as software updates.