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Versa’s branch networking solutions enables service providers to deliver a managed virtualized branch at a fraction of current cost. Our branch network solutions support 3rd party VNFs to accommodate specific environments and help customers transition to a more innovative network architecture. Versa’s software-defined branch allows service providers to solve their clients security and network infrastructure challenges.

Software-Defined Branch Networking

Branch Network Architecture


Enterprises continue to struggle with evolving their WAN and branch office IT architecture to support cloud transition and digital transformation. Major challenges include cloud user experience, reduced IT agility, maintaining proper security, and appliance sprawl and complexity in the branch office. The average enterprise branch network has from 6 to 12+ individual hardware and software components (Dimensional Research, 2016), making capital acquisition, integration, ongoing operations and support both time consuming and very high cost. Thus enterprises are looking to simplify their WAN and branch through managed services and next-generation software-defined infrastructure.

The opportunity for service providers is significant, given the range of networking and security services deployed or planned at most enterprise branch sites – traditional routing, SD-WAN, WAN optimization, one or multiple layers of security, and local networking like Ethernet and Wi-Fi. But when using traditional enterprise hardware appliances and software packages, service providers cannot eliminate the fundamental challenges of branch complexity, lack of agility, and high capital and operational costs.

Versa’s SD-Branch solution allows service providers to deliver cost- and operationally-efficient managed services that include traditional local and wide-area networking, SD-WAN, layered security functions and new IP services. Versa provides a broad portfolio of network and security functions in a single virtual network function (VNF) coupled with low-cost hardware. The solution includes key capabilities for operating managed services cost-effectively and efficiently: full multi-tenancy from data center/cloud to the branch office, rich service chaining (Versa and third party), service elasticity, and zero-touch provisioning for all networking and security functions.

The Versa SD-Branch solution gives service providers the ability to create richer managed services that combine traditional WAN, SD-WAN and local Ethernet/Wi-Fi capabilities with a range of security functions – all using Versa VNFs.

Because Versa-based SD-Branch services utilize automatic service chaining, providers can initially sell a basic SD-WAN service and easily up-sell security, other WAN or local networking functions over time. The result is higher overall service revenue.

For example, a provider can use the Versa platform and its SD-WAN and UTM functions to create an MPLS + broadband service with secure direct Internet access, including Wi-Fi access within the branch, all managed through a single interface.The result is significantly greater revenue and differentiation than traditional or SD-WAN connectivity-only service offerings.

The Versa SD-Branch solution combines software-based VNFs and white box x86 appliances with pay-as-you-use subscription pricing, resulting in much lower capital costs than traditional branch hardware or perpetual software-based managed services.

The Versa solution includes full multi-tenancy and platform elasticity so Capex is much lower at scale, as additional networking or security infrastructure and management is not required at the head-end for each new customer.

Operational costs are minimized through zero-touch provisioning and centralized management across all networking and security, which greatly simplifies deployment and ongoing operations.

With Versa SD-Branch, service providers can leverage a single software platform and CPE device to deploy one or multiple services using Versa and third-party VNFs.

The Versa FlexVNF software platform supports virtualized CPE (vCPE) deployments through its built-in hypervisor, enabling providers to host third-party VNFs directly on the Versa software platform – reducing complexity and service interoperability challenges. Third-party VNFs hosted on Versa FlexVNF provide higher performance than running on dedicated vCPE devices because they operate at the workload level and internally service chain with Versa VNFs.

The business benefit is the ability for providers to create a wider range of Versa and third-party based managed services using a single device, as well as meet customers’ specific vendor needs.

IDC: Software-Defining the Branch

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