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Expand your managed services portfolio with a simplified and unified architecture while transforming your customer’s experience with a self-provision, self-care capability with knowledge across multiple dimensions that your customers need to run their business.

Complex world of Managed Service Providers

  • Profitability & Growth

    In an increasing competitive market, siloed managed services, each with a unique architecture and operations is costly, limits target addressable market, and thus profitability.

  • Network Relevance

    Emerging over the top models of enterprise connectivity, are minimizing the relevance of existing VPN services leading to the commoditization of transport services.

  • Complexity

    Individual purpose-built per market segment or per service architectures have made today’s managed service environment too complex to change.

A New Approach to Building Managed Services

Today, Managed Service Providers offer a broad portfolio to build a service but also has ended up with a complex architecture that limits them a specific segment of the market. Versa enables MSPs to expand their portfolio with a variety of services that can be used across SMB, Mid-Market and Large Enterprise. With a unified architecture and operational model, versa architecture addresses multiple use-cases at a significantly lower cost.

This enables MSP to grow their addressable market with a simplified design that lowers IT integration cost & life-cycle management costs.

Versa’s software-defined portfolio of SD-Branch, SD-WAN, SD-Security & SD-Router is the answer for you.

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Benefits of Versa Service Provider Solution

  • Portfolio of Services

    Expand your managed services portfolio with a software- defined architecture that allows you to offer multiples services. Unified architecture and delivery model for addressing multiple market segments and geographies expands the total addressable market and overall profitability.

  • Network Transformation

    Reinvent your network and customer experience with refreshed software defined managed service portfolio that augments even existing services such as MPLS or broadband with new capabilities such as SD-WAN, integrated security, wifi and analytics.

  • Reduce Cost

    Transform current managed services architecture to eliminate complexity and reduce cost of deploying and managing multiple physical appliances or multi-VNF approaches. Versa cloud native, multi-service, multi-tenant makes network simplification, a reality.

Managed Service Use Cases

  • Software-Defined Branch

    Managed SD-Branch provides the opportunity to manage a broad set of functions in the enterprise branch, including routing, SD-WAN, security and local networking. It includes the ability to host third-party VNFs.

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  • Managed SD-WAN

    Managed SD-WAN enables service providers to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver an application-intelligent hybrid WAN.

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  • Managed Security

    Managed SD-Security provides an efficient and dynamic software-based infrastructure to build a variety of managed offerings and architectures.

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  • Managed SD-Router

    Rejuvenate your existing managed router service with an improved customer experience through a centrally managed, SD-Router to improve the agility.

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The Versa Solution can be deployed in multiple environment and formats
  • Software
    Available as software to deploy on your hardware as baremetal, hypervisor (KVM, VMware) or Containers
  • Appliance
    Available on Versa appliances or certified white box appliances or servers
  • Cloud
    Available as software for deployment in public or private Clouds

Implement next-generation secure WANs using Versa Solution

Improve WAN Costs & Performance and Increase Branch Security with single solution


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