Securing Your Enterprise in the Age of Multi-Cloud

In this day and age of multi-cloud and mobility, network security has emerged as one of the most critical components of the network architecture. As multi-cloud environments change the way enterprise users access and consume applications, it is imperative that CIOs build a network landscape that is agile, intuitive, build-for-the cloud and provides the best defence against sophisticated modern day cyberattacks.

This newsletter provides in-depth insights into how SD-WAN can help organizations simplify, transform and future-ready their networks and enhance end-user experience without compromising on security. Read on to see how CIOs can choose the best approach to building a secure SD-WAN strategy for their organizations. Also find complimentary research from Gartner on ways to build a secure SD-WAN architecture.

In this newsletter:

Challenges associated with legacy network architectures and why software defining the WAN is essential
How the increasing use of cloud-based services, multiple cloud environments and Internet of Things is raising concerns over enterprise data security.
Why IT leaders need to find an SD-WAN solution with seamlessly integrated security

Written by Versa Networks, featuring research from Gartner

Debarati Roy, 1 April 2018, Versa Networks

Gartner, “Four Architectures to Secure SD-WAN” Authors: Bjarne Munch, Greg Young, 6 October 2017 Gartner Research G00340305

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