Secure SD-WAN Architecture: Full-featured SD-WAN Deep Dive

What makes the Versa Secure SD-WAN solution a better choice than the average SD-WAN offering in the market? As with any other assessment, you have to lift the covers and look underneath—see what’s inside, how it’s built, how the engine works, and how it achieves the oft-touted qualities you’d come to expect of a robust SD-WAN.

A significant part of the sophistication lies in the control plane: how the secure tunnels of the overlay are built; how control traffic is separated and secured from data plane traffic; how traffic in the tunnels is abstracted as “bundles” that fan out over any combination of transport fabric choices; how the industry-recognized capabilities of MP-BGP is leveraged to provide superfast routing convergence while still retaining the security of IPSec.

Dogu Narin, Head of Products with Versa Networks, discusses many of these “under-the-covers” architectural characteristics of the Versa Secure SD-WAN in this webinar. Join him to find out more about:

  • The merits of a single-pass pipeline design
  • Traffic identification methods that probe way beyond simple deep-packet inspection (DPI)
  • Traffic conditioning tools
  • How to manage traffic and transport choices for the best voice or video quality
  • Forward error correction (FEC), and packet cloning and striping
  • TCP optimization over high-latency, lossy links
  • Building L2 connectivity and multicast deployments over the SD-WAN fabric
  • Integrated, always-present, built-in security
  • Traffic engineering for cloud applications and gateways

It’s a stimulating discussion of network design and implementation topics that goes deeper than the typical feature names bandied about, and instead dives into how the features actually work, and how and where the sophisticated results of the Versa SD-WAN solution are achieved.