Selecting the Right SD-WAN SOLUTION

Selecting the Right SD-WAN SOLUTION

Traditional WAN infrastructure is costly, complex, static, and time and resource intensive. Today’s enterprise’s need WAN architectures that enable them to fully leverage digital transformation, multi-cloud services and mobile users. SD-WAN is a transformative technology and is rapidly being adopted to take on these challenges, while addressing a host of other important issues.

SD-WAN vendors deal with these challenges differently, with some being more effective than others. Selecting the right SD-WAN vendor will help simplify WAN operations, and increase network performance, reliability, security and agility.

SD-WAN key capabilities

• Virtualization of multiple and diverse circuits

• Flexible branch deployment options with zero-touch provisioning

• Centralized and flexible WAN management

• Sophisticated path selection

• Virtualization of multiple and diverse circuits

• Robust branch and cloud traffic visibility

• Programmable and automated policy-based architecture

Multi-layered security

Choosing an SD-WAN vendor with comprehensive functionality

SD-WAN deployed in multiple form factors and provisioned on commodity hardware within virtual machines, containers, or in the cloud, eliminates complex and costly proprietary hardware problems. Business applications not only reside within corporate data centers, they are also increasingly in the cloud. When traffic traversing to and from the cloud is required to go through the corporate data center for security, network performance degrades, negatively impacting the user experience. For secure branch to cloud connectivity, firewalls, access control and filtering, anti-virus/malware, and DNS, are required. This is critical functionality that SD-WAN must fully address.

For SD-WAN to truly deliver on transforming the enterprise WAN, it must include the following functions:

• Flexible software, ready to replace proprietary network and security elements at lower cost, within an integrated network infrastructure

• Secure cloud-to-cloud, branch to multi-cloud, and business to multi-cloud connectivity

• Embedded robust network and next-generation security features

• Full multi-tenancy for micro-segmentation of line of business, tenant, and control, with unique policies per segment

• Context-based network and security policies, and traffic steering, based on users, devices, locations, and applications

When SD-WAN is done right, it can deliver unprecedented business advantages. To that end, Versa is unique among SD-WAN vendors. We provide an end-to-end solution that both simplifies and secures WAN/branch networks. Based completely on software, Versa’s Cloud IP Platform delivers a broad set of networking and security functions that address the operational and business challenges associated with traditional networks. Versa transforms traditional networks that hold business back, into business-optimized WANs. Versa enables the building of cost-efficient, agile and secure enterprise networks, as well as, highly efficient managed service offerings.