Versa Networks Secure Cloud IP Platform Earns NSS Labs’ NGFW “Recommended” Rating
for Effectiveness and Value


Versa Networks’ flagship software product, Versa VOS™ (formerly FlexVNF), garnered a 99% Exploit Block Rate, and strong scores for Performance, SSL/TLS Functionality and TCO (total cost of ownership), marking the second consecutive year that Versa achieved a Recommended NGFW rating by NSS Labs. Versa Networks is also one of only two vendors with security enabled to achieve a Recommended rating in the recent 2019 NSS Labs SD-WAN test.

The NSS Labs test required that NGFW products differentiate between actual HTTP traffic and non-HTTP services tunneling over port 80, such as VoIP or instant messaging. Today, application-level monitoring must be performed in addition to analysis of port and destination.

Versa’s NGFW technology is enabled by the Secure Cloud IP architecture – a cloud-native multi-service, multi-tenant software platform that delivers elastic scale, segmentation, programmability and automation. Versa Secure Cloud IP integrates cloud networking, SD-WAN, wireless and mobile connectivity, transport line conditioning and software-defined security services (NGFW/UTM) in a flexible, versatile software stack that displaces multiple legacy branch-office hardware devices.

The “Recommended” rating validates and reinforces Versa’s software architecture of natively integrating networking and security to deliver efficient and cost-effective secure cloud connectivity for the enterprise WAN edge.

In 1H 2019, NSS Labs performed an independent test of the Versa Networks Versa VOS™ (formerly FlexVNF) release v16.1R2-S7. This new test report focuses on the main differentiators for next generation firewall (NGFW) products: Security, Performance/Functionality, and Cost.


Delivers a high block rate for exploits and evasions while at the same time providing the expected stability and reliability
Provides high performance for both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic while offering support for the most used ciphers
Offers scalability that delivers continuous uptime
Demonstrates low maintenance and support costs

Download a copy of the NSS Labs NGFW 2019 Test Report today and see how Versa delivers a cost effective and advanced integrated security protection for the Enterprise WAN Edge and Cloud – not only protecting your business but software-defining it.