Top 10 Cryptomining Malware of 2018

In cryptomining, one uses computer resources, such as CPU cycles, to “mine” the currency. Cryptocurrency has become a sought-after entity to make an easy profit. This means Internet users have one more thing to look out for, with the rise in ransomware and cryptomining attacks. The trend in 2017 saw numerous ransomware campaigns which attacked systems by encrypting files,and withholding the key code in exchange for ransom. This year, there is a shift toward cryptomining/cryptojacking attacks especially with the increase in the cryptocurrency market rates.

The Versa Networks Security and Threat Response team put together this Top 10 Cryptomining Malware of 2018 report. Download today to gain the insights into what methods threat actors are undertaking and how Versa Networks Secure Cloud IP software can help mitigate and protect your WAN edge.

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