Building the Smart Retail Store of the Future with Versa Secure SD-WAN

Retailers are on an arduous journey to create an unmatched and omnichannel customer experience. The need for integration between online and offline services is driving a re-architecture of the underlying networking and security model to support the business. Retailers now need to ensure that their business-critical applications perform reliably, 24/7, across a varied set of channels, devices, and

platforms. Cloud-based applications for business and consumers, big data analytics, IoT devices (RFID, sensors, CCTV cameras), mobility and social media have all added new dimensions to the way retailers are approaching the shopping and consumer experience.

Discover how a Secure SD-WAN with Versa Networks Secure Cloud IP Platform can help improve agility and responsiveness to retail business networking and security needs to align more closely with what customers want.

The Versa Secure Cloud IP software platform addresses SD-WAN, SD-Security and SD-Branch use-cases for the WAN Edge. This unique approach delivers multi-functions in a single unified software platform that consists of three software components:

  • Versa VOS™ (formerly FlexVNF) - the multi-service (network, security, SD-WAN) software which is deployed at the business edge (branch, cloud).
  • Versa Director - the single-pane-of-glass management software component responsible for configuration, monitoring and provisioning.
  • Versa Analytics - the big-data analytics software engine responsible for historical and real-time collection of network, security and application analytics to deliver insights into SD-WAN fabric policy adherence and performance.