Dell EMC/Versa/Tech Mahindra: Re-Thinking SD-WAN & vCPE


The enterprise and service provider markets are going through major infrastructure transformation to keep up with growing demand for IT services. As they seek to support and explore new services, new Internet of Things initiatives and the new flexibility that comes with the advent of cloud computing, Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization, they face this fundamental question: what are the most efficient and effective ways to deploy new network capabilities?

There is enormous potential for reaping benefits from a more DevOpsfocused strategy for the enterprise or service provider network. Existing cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and others have shown the blockbuster success that can be achieved when a business is free to explore, experiment, test and rapidly roll out new offerings. But most businesses, historically locked into vendor-specific, proprietary boxes, have not been able to realize these benefits.

Service providers have been hampered by excessively long development and roll-out timelines because they have not been able to independently update hardware and/or software. A DevOps approach opens up the same service and delivery agility that cloud providers are using to achieve market dominance.

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