Versa SD-Security Solution Brief

Moving to SD-WAN delivers improved application experience with native secure site-to-site connectivity, but with direct Internet access and local internet breakout for improved connectivity, IT needs a new security posture and solution for securing the WAN edge.   Distributed security is needed to protect against security breaches and attacks across an increased attack surface due to cloud, mobile, IoT and non-private WAN access.
Organizations looking to software-define the WAN will need a comprehensive and integrated approach to secure the enterprise WAN and branch. This solution brief will provide you with insights into how the integrated security in Versa Networks Secure Cloud IP platform architecture secures the enterprise WAN Edge.

  • Increase IT visibility and control of networking and security with a single-pane-of-glass
  • Fortify the branch and cloud with NSS Recommended security
  • Simplify global policy deployment for networking and security across the entire enterprise WAN
  • Deploy a contextually aware security fabric across the WAN and cloud to facilitate compliance and regulatory adherence