Versa Secure Access

The Industry’s 1st SASE Solution Delivering Secure SD-WAN to Remote & Working from Home Employees

Versa Secure Access (VSA) is the industry’s first solution to deliver the leading Secure SD-WAN services and private connectivity for employees who are working from home or are remote.

With this solution, employees can now securely connect to applications in both the private and public clouds as part of Versa Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services. The Versa Secure Access Services’ foundation is based on the Versa Operating System (VOS™) which powers Secure SD-WAN networks on-premises and in the cloud for thousands of customers globally.

For the first time, end users can leverage a remote access service directly on their end devices that delivers all the benefits of Secure SD-WAN. Unlike today’s VPN-based work from home solutions, Versa delivers the advantages of Secure SD-WAN remote access, including pervasive visibility of performance of the network, application, and security without requiring additional hardware.

The Versa Secure Access allows for an assured experience with network and application monitoring, all backed by an NSS-recommended integrated security suite. With the majority of the connections now being remote, the enterprise now has an exponentially expanded threat perimeter. In order to protect the enterprise, Versa Secure Access offers the most comprehensive range of security services. These include stateful firewall, DOS protection, NGFW, IPS, and URL filtering on end users’ client devices connecting privately to company resources hosted in private data centers, public cloud, and SaaS locations.


Versa Secure Access is the first work from home solution that performs application segmentation where applications can be directed to the Internet at the client or a specific cloud gateway and assured experience for business applications leveraging Versa Secure SD-WAN technology to enable high performance for cloud and on-premises applications. The solution monitors network degradation and can take action such as packet loss correction, switching to a different gateway, or moving to different WAN connectivity such as WiFi, cellular, or wired. As a result, Versa delivers improved application experience and remote worker productivity. Additionally, the Versa cloud-delivered model makes Versa Secure Access easy to deploy, manage and scale.

Work From Anywhere with Secure, Reliable Connectivity

Software ONLY solution
SD-WAN to the End-User Device
Cloud Managed and Delivered
Application Segmentation
Assured Experience for Business Applications
Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure

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Customers & Partners


The dependable, secure VPN access for the flexible workforce of the future

“This is an exciting addition to the Versa Networks’ range, adding new functionality to their already disruptive SD-WAN solutions and addressing a real opportunity in the market.”


Employees are connecting to corporate applications from remote locations

“With the pandemic, the ability to securely connect to those cloud and corporate applications has become a mandate. Versa Secure Access provides the requisite performance, ease of use, and most importantly, security for organizations to enable their employees to work from leveraging a secure SD-WAN solution.”


Reaching virtual offices and clouds securely, seamlessly, and with improved application performance

“OmniClouds SD-WAN utilizes Versa Secure SD-WAN coupled with our dedicated telecom infrastructure to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients. OmniClouds is offering Versa Secure Access to help students take advantage of distance learning, physicians to conduct remote tele-visit calls, and employees to reach virtual office desktops and public/private clouds securely, seamlessly, and with improved application performance.”



Features & Availability


  • Versa Secure Access Service’s advanced SD-WAN, SASE, and security benefits integrated in a managed and cloud-delivered service significantly reduce cost and complexity compared with on-premises solutions.
  • Versa Secure Access Service provides integrated security and user authentication capabilities using an enterprise’s own RADIUS, LDAP or Active Directory servers.
  • The solution supports two-factor authentication for enhanced security.
  • The solution uses industry standard IKEv2/IPsec stack with strong ciphers and large key sizes for protecting traffic. In addition, it delivers private connectivity for VPC-hosted applications, multi-cloud environments, and SaaS applications.


  • Versa Secure Access is available through Versa’s extensive global channel partner network in North America, EMEA, and select APJC geographies as a turnkey, VPN-as-a-service cloud-based managed service
  • Pricing starts at $7.50/user per month

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