Versa Analytics
Versa Analytics provides holistic visibility, base-lining, correlation and predictive analysis for network, application usage and security events. It seamlessly integrates with 3rd party systems for easy deployment in IT environments.

Versa Analytics

Big Data Driven Insights




  • Network Security & Application Usage

    Real-time and historical contextual insights with policy driven usage analysis.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Rich exportable reports detailing usage, performance, threats for sites and tenants.

  • Search & Custom Filtering

    Generic and custom query support to easily search in the system or through a northbound REST API.

  • Actionable Insights

    Instantly identify outages and performance issues while getting deep insights on a per-site, application and tenant basis.

  • Multi Tenancy & Role Based Access

    Deploy and manage multiple customers or departments with RBAC and SSO support with SAML.

  • Standards Based

    Supports standard protocols and formats for seamless integration with third party SIEM.


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