Versa’s innovative solution integrates a comprehensive set networking and security functions. It is built on cloud principles to provide the flexibility and elasticity for easy, highly scalable and secure deployments.

Versa Solution Components

  • Versa FlexVNF
    Cloud IP services platform that integrates full-featured routing, SD-WAN and layered security functions.
  • Versa Director
    Single pane of glass for complete life-cycle management and real-time monitoring of all services.
  • Versa Analytics
    Scalable big data platform for real-time and historical insights, prediction and feedback loop for adaptability.

Core Capabilities

  • Multi-Service with Layered Security

    Software platform with integrated L3 to L7 network services, multiple layers of security and robust service chaining.

  • Cloud-Native & Elastic

    Built on cloud principles for elasticity and automation with SAML and REST APIs for integration into DevOps environments.

  • Segmentation

    Full multi-tenancy at the data center, cloud and branch for enabling complete isolation between organizations or departments.

  • Context-based Policy

    Network and security policies and traffic steering based on user, device, location and application context.



Choose the right option for your environment

  • Software

    Available as software to deploy on your hardware as bare metal, hypervisor (KVM, VMware) or containers

  • Appliance

    Available on Versa appliances or Versa certified third-party white box appliances or servers

  • Cloud

    Available as software for deployment in public (AWS, Azure) or private clouds