Versa as a service delivered by VergX

Transforming the Business of the WAN Edge

It’s getting more and more difficult for your customers to manage all the demands of the WAN with traditional networking solutions. Luckily, there’s a much easier way to manage the wide area network.  Versa Secure SD-WAN is a cloud-native, multi-service networking and security offering that simplifies management, prioritizes business critical voice and data services, secures  the WAN and branch all while making it easier to increase bandwidth and site capacity.

With Versa Secure SD-WAN delivered by VergX, reduces overall WAN and site costs by moving customers to a hybrid active/active WAN with a subscription-based service with flexible service tier options included with security to meet specific site requirements.

Versa Secure SD-WAN delivered by VergX is available in four simple service offerings.

  • Professional

    (Baseline SD-WAN and L4 Stateful Firewall).

  • Professional Plus

    (Professional Tier + Premium Security Features)

  • Enterprise

    (Extended SD-WAN and Security Features)

  • Enterprise Plus

    (Enterprise Tier + Unlimited Premium Security Features)

Benefits for your customer

A fully-managed SD-WAN and advanced security service with a team of networking and security experts

Flexible licensing and cost-effective subscription-based pricing to control costs and CAPEX spending

Zero-touch site and service activation to make growing your business fast and easy

A secure business perimeter with NSS Recommended security protecting each site

Improved application performance and user experience with dynamic application intelligent traffic steering and monitoring

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