Microsoft and Versa Secure SD-WAN for Azure
Microsoft and Versa Secure SD-WAN for Azure

Versa Secure SD-WAN and Microsoft Virtual WAN simplifying and automating branch office and cloud connectivity

Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN) is a new network service offering from Microsoft which simplifies deployment of large-scale secure and optimized branch connectivity across the global Microsoft network. This service provides optimized fast path routing between on-premises, virtual appliances and Azure hosted workloads with secure connectivity using automated IPsec tunnels. Enterprises can now leverage and utilize a Microsoft powered backbone for  optimized and secure connectivity across a virtual WAN. 

Versa Networks and Microsoft have partnered together to deliver a fully automated and software-defined experience from the branch to the Azure WAN. This partnership, utilizing Secure SD-WAN from the Versa Secure Cloud IP Platform as the branch on-premises CPE solution, enables dynamic secure branch-to-branch and secure branch-to-Azure connectivity, with SD-WAN application aware intelligent traffic steering across a Microsoft powered backbone.

Versa Networks API integration with Microsoft Azure vWAN simplifies the configuration and management of services to:

  • Create logical Site and VPN Connections between Site VPN Gateways in Azure

  • Automate the downloading of IPSec Configuration from Azure required for a Versa Branch CPE

  • Automate the establishment of Secure IPSec Connectivity by applying the downloaded IPSec VPN Configuration to a Versa CPE

By leveraging Microsoft Virtual WAN, together we provide:

  • Application experience driven performance

  • Automated Branch and WAN connectivity

  • Integrated security across the full-stack of service

Versa SD-WAN and Microsoft Azure vWAN Overview Video

An introduction into how Versa Networks and Microsoft have partnered to simplify and securely provide branch-to-branch and branch-to-cloud connectivity with Microsoft Azure vWAN (Virtual WAN)

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