Deal Registration Process

General Rules for Partners

  • Only certified Versa partners can apply for Deal Registration
  • Deal Registration must be done through the partner portal
  • There must be an active opportunity/interest in the account
  • Without a PoC starting within 90 days, registration will lapse automatically unless agreed otherwise
  • The Deal Registration questionnaire must be completed in full
  • If a client informs Versa directly that they will not work with the partner, then any Deal Registration will lapse
  • If the customer issues an RFP, any special pricing arrangement will be extended to all Versa bidders
  • Only one partner can be the approved “Exclusive” Registered partner for any opportunity
  • “Exclusive” Deal Registration by one partner does not prevent another partner from bidding
  • If Versa is the first to engage with an end-user then there is no Exclusive Registration – only “Non-Exclusive”
  • Partners on the same partner tier, registered as non-exclusive, will get the same pricing terms on an opportunity

Assigned Partner Status

When a certified partner applies for Deal Registration one of the following
terms will be assigned to the Opportunity and the partner upon review

  • If the registration is approved – partner status will be ‘Exclusive’
  • Versa will engage in end-user meetings (F2F or online) in conjunction with the Exclusive partner
  • Versa will not engage in end-user meetings in conjunction with any other partner
  • Exclusive Partner will only represent Versa to the customer
  • Exclusive Partner may have deal registration pricing advantage
  • Other Versa partners (Resellers or MSPs) can still bid on the opportunity
  • If the registration is not approved – partner status will be ‘Non-Exclusive’
  • Versa will not engage in end-user meetings (F2F or online) in conjunction with the Non-Exclusive partner
  • Versa will still support the Non-Exclusive Partner’s bid
  • There is no pricing advantage offered

Approval and registration process flow

Versa Partner Portal

  • All Certified and registered resellers, vars and channel partners of Versa Networks domain’s are whitelisted for access to the Versa Partner Portal.
  • As a Partner, users simply need to follow simply need to request an account from
  • Only partners with valid emails with domains that are white-listed will be authorized.
  • Upon request for an account an email will be generated to the registered user email address providing instructions on how to log on to then portal.
  • Video tutorial on how to navigate the Versa Partner Portal Click here
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