Versa SD-WAN Security increases protection at the branch office – especially those with direct Internet access – and simplifies interoperability of security and networking, as well as operation of multiple security functions, through centralized single-pane management and policy control.


Gartner estimated in 2016 more than 30% of advanced threats would target the most vulnerable entry point of the enterprise – the branch office. But deploying advanced security in branch networks is often a challenge: they lack sufficient IT personnel, integration across security products can be problematic, and the network grows more complex each day.

Enterprise IT and security teams have the opportunity to both increase branch security and simplify operations by migrating from proprietary security hardware appliances to a software-defined approach (SD-Security) that leverages virtualized network and security functions running on commodity hardware.

Versa is ICSA Labs Certified for Firewall


The Versa SD-Security solution provides a broad set of software-based security functions, including stateful and next-generation firewalls, malware protection, URL and content filtering, IPS and anti-virus, DDoS and VPN/next-generation VPN.

Versa SD-WAN Security solutions maximize cost efficiency by using commodity appliances vs. proprietary hardware, simplifying operations through zero-touch provisioning and automatic service chaining of different security and network functions.

Branch Network Architecture

SD-WAN with Integrated Security

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Versa simplifies the deployment and operation of multiple security services at the branch office. Because different services in the Versa SD-Security solution are designed to work together through built-in service chaining, integrating multiple security functions into a layered branch security architecture is far less complex.

Ongoing operations are simplified through the Versa Director management platform, which provides a single console and set of policies across all Versa security functions. Capacity increases are dynamically provisioned through Versa Director, as are new security functions.

IT and security agility is increased as zero-touch provisioning enables deployment of a multi-function Versa SD-Security solution within hours vs. the weeks or months required to install and integrate multiple proprietary security appliances.

Versa SD-Security solutions use built-in service chaining to easily integrate with existing security software and appliances.

Versa enables IT and security teams to design new branch security architectures at significantly lower capital costs. Rather than using proprietary hardware appliances, Versa SD-Security is deployed on low-cost commodity appliances.

Operational costs are reduced through central management and zero-touch provisioning, which eliminate deployment truck rolls and greatly simplify ongoing operations such as software updates and capacity expansion.

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