Versa SD-WAN reduces cost through WAN flexibility and simplifies operations with centralized provisioning, management, policy control and application visibility. Multiple layers of security protect against Internet and branch cyber threats.


While enterprises have increased their business agility and revenue through many facets of information technology, WANs and branch office networks continue to impede most IT projects.

Compute and storage, as well as core applications like CRM, HR and Microsoft Office, have moved to the cloud. Yet WANs continue to use 20-year-old private line technology (MPLS) and expensive, proprietary networking hardware. This results in slow provisioning times for new offices or even basic changes to configurations and functions, high costs for network equipment and WAN services, complex branch architectures and high administrative overhead.


Versa Networks enables enterprises to re-architect their enterprise WAN and branch office networks through a software-based and multi-service approach to SD-WAN – leveraging Versa software + low-cost appliances vs. proprietary network hardware, and providing a full set of integrated SD-WAN and SD-Security functions.

This allows enterprises to reduce the Capex and Opex of their WAN and branch networks, while increasing IT responsiveness to business needs. The time required to manage the network is minimized, and branch security is strengthened.

Branch Network Architecture

Frost and Sullivan Industry Insights into Versa Networks SD-WAN

The transition to cloud has significantly changed the enterprise IT architecture and how applications are delivered but the underlying network and security remains unchanged. Digital transformation requires a software-defined architecture to achieve the speed, simplicity and user satisfaction in a highly distributed and mobile world.

Roopa Honnachari, Industry Director, ICT of Frost and Sullivan demystifies software-defined WAN and how both Enterprises’ and Service Providers benefit by moving to a software-defined infrastructure with the Versa Cloud IP Platform.

SD-WAN with Integrated Security

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Versa helps enterprises significantly reduce their WAN connectivity costs by seamlessly integrating Internet and broadband alongside MPLS. These options are often higher in bandwidth than MPLS and significantly lower in cost.

Through application-aware routing and the ability to identify more than 2,500 specific applications, Versa SD-WANs carefully map different applications across MPLS and Internet/broadband based on business policy and app-specific SLAs.

For example, traffic to Oracle business applications in the enterprise data center can be routed over MPLS, while access to cloud apps like and Workday, and non-business Internet traffic, is better enabled and costs less using a secure Internet connection. The result is lower overall WAN costs and higher performance through more bandwidth, direct cloud access and MPLS offload.

Versa SD-WANs enable network teams to remove the barriers that legacy WAN and branch architectures have increasingly placed on strategic IT projects and business process improvements. They make the network an agile IT resource through a software-based approach that enables IT to rapidly provision new branch offices, dynamically add new network and security functions, and seamlessly scale capacity as required.

For example, as an enterprise makes the decision to migrate from traditional Microsoft Office and local Exchange Servers to Office365 in the cloud, the network team can rapidly add direct Internet access and security for each branch office to support faster and lower cost connectivity to Office365.

If new branch offices are being opened, deploying the branch network with a Versa SD-WAN is as simple as shipping a low-cost appliance, plugging it in, and zero-touch configuring it through central management.

Versa eliminates appliance sprawl in the branch office with a software-based approach to SD-WAN and security functions. Customers use zero-touch provisioning to deploy a fully featured set of Versa SD-WAN and branch security capabilities onto a single appliance. Capacity increases can be quickly administered centrally from the Versa Director management platform.

Capex is significantly reduced through replacing expensive, proprietary network hardware with Versa SD-WAN software and low-cost appliances. Opex is greatly reduced as truck rolls for installation and upgrades are eliminated, hands-on time at branch sites is minimized, and system scalability is assured without hardware refreshes.

Branch security can be increased by adding security functions locally, in the enterprise data center, or a combination of the two.

For example, some organizations may opt to use a Versa SD-WAN with next-generation firewall and URL filtering in the branch and malware protection alongside the Versa SD-WAN controller in the data center for an additional layer of protection.

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