Enterprise SD-Branch

SD-Branch helps enterprise companies simplify their branch and WAN infrastructure through consolidating functions such as routing, SD-WAN, firewall, UTM and SaaS optimization into one secure platform. Versa’s SD-Branch network helps businesses reduce cost, while evolving their WAN and branch architecture within the cloud and digital age. If needed, 3rd party VNFs can be added to enable a smooth transition to Versa’a streamlined software-defined infrastructure.

Software-Defined Infrastructure & Security For WAN & Branch Networks

Branch Network Architecture


Enterprise networking and security teams often struggle with evolving their WAN and branch office IT architecture to support cloud transition and digital transformation. The requirements for the WAN are multi-fold, including the need to improve user experience when accessing cloud-based applications and resources while increasing the visibility, control and security of the information being accessed. Increasing the agility of new site and project deployments is also key, as well as ongoing change management. Another major goal is overall reduction of WAN cost and complexity through managing bandwidth requirements and simplifying appliance and software sprawl.

Branch infrastructure complexity and cost remains a significant issue, as the average branch office of mid- to large enterprises includes 6 to 12+ individual hardware and software components (Dimensional Research, 2016), making product acquisition, integration, operations and support both time consuming and very high cost.

Versa Networks enables enterprises to simplify their WAN and branch by consolidating networking and security functions into a single software platform with a broad set of IP services, instead of deploying multiple hardware appliances and software packages. The Versa SD-Branch solution provides a full set of integrated networking (routing, SD-WAN, Ethernet, Wi-Fi) and security (NG firewall, secure web gateway, AV, IPS) functions running on a low-cost appliance with a single management screen.

This allows enterprises to reduce the Capex and Opex of their WAN and branch infrastructure while increasing IT responsiveness to cloud evolution and digital transformation needs. The time required to manage the network is minimized, and branch security and control is significantly strengthened.


Versa SD-Branch minimizes the complexity of appliance and software sprawl in the branch office using a software-based approach to integrate networking and security functions onto a single platform. Use zero-touch provisioning to deploy a full set of routing, SD-WAN, SD-Security and local networking capabilities onto a low-cost appliance without complicated integration or troubleshooting between different devices. All configurations are templated to ensure service interoperability and highly efficient operation.Capital and operating costs can be reduced up to 80%. Enterprises can significantly reduce WAN costs using Versa SD-WAN deployed over a hybrid network, and provide the performance needed for high bandwidth applications using broadband or LTE. Capex with a Versa SD-Branch is typically much lower, as many hardware-based functions are consolidated onto Versa FlexVNF software running on a low-cost appliance. Opex is greatly reduced as truck rolls for installation and upgrades are eliminated, hands-on administration and troubleshooting is minimized through single-pane centralized management across all services, and system scalability is assured without hardware refreshes.

Versa SD-Branch enables network and IT teams to remove the limitations that legacy WAN and branch architectures have placed on strategic projects like cloud migration. It transforms formerly rigid network and security functions into an agile software-based environment that enables IT to rapidly provision new sites, dynamically add new Versa and third-party services, and seamlessly scale capacity as required.For example, as an enterprise makes the decision to migrate from traditional Microsoft Office and Exchange servers to Office 365, the network team can rapidly add direct Internet access and security to each branch office to support faster and lower cost connectivity to the Office 365 cloud.
As new branch offices are being opened, deploying the network and security with Versa SD-Branch is as simple as shipping a low-cost appliance, plugging it in, and zero-touch configuring it through Versa Director – no truck rolls or long troubleshooting windows needed.

A key benefit of a Versa SD-Branch is increased security at each branch office. Many enterprise branch offices do not have proper security in place < > – even modern firewalls. The addition of SD-WAN and direct Internet access (DIA) only increases security risks, as the branch is now directly exposed to Internet threats.Versa SD-Branch provides a wide set of software-defined security (SD-Security) functions that deliver layered protection and control. Because each Versa SD-Branch security function is service-chained, as well as the networking functions, provisioning, policy setting and operation are far simpler than using standalone security devices or software packages. As a result, more consistent and secure application-level policies can be set using a single management screen.

Software-Defining the Branch
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