Transform your enterprise infrastructure to accelerate the transition to multi-cloud and SaaS while improving application experience and security.

Today's Enterprise Challenges

  • CostExpense of multi-appliance based branch along with the high cost connectivity continue to rise with new bandwidth intensive apps and growing cloud usage

  • ComplexityCurrent branch architecture has multiple physical and/or virtual appliances, each with it’s own management and operations and support.

  • AgilityBusiness needs IT to move with speed. Current WAN architecture results in slow and lengthy deployment and change management.

Empowering the enterprise WAN and security

The transition to cloud and mobility have significantly changed the enterprise IT architecture and application delivery but the network and security architecture remains unchanged. A digital enterprise needs to transition to a software defined architecture to achieve speed, simplicity and user satisfaction in a world where the users, devices, branches and applications are distributed and more mobile.

Versa Software-Defines the entire branch network and gives the enterprise the visibility, control and agility they need to meet the pace of change of the business needs.

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Simplifying SD-WAN

SD-WAN has gained a lot of traction with the enterprises. As companies undergo a ‘digital transformation’ and disruptive technologies like cloud, IoT and big data become mainstream, SD-WAN paves the way for a future-ready network.Rob McBride, ‎Head Of Product Marketing at Versa Networks, simplifies SD-WAN and explains some of its key features.


Cloud and SaaS are changing the way enterprises look at edge networking. Most enterprises now realize that legacy networks are not enough to keep up with the demands of current app consumption models.

Rob McBride, Head of Product Marketing at Versa Networks highlights some of the inherent challenges of legacy networks and explains how SD-WAN can help organization overcome those challenges.

Why Versa SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is the emerging as the future of enterprise networking. But not all SD-WAN solutions are built alike. Enterprises need to find a comprehensive solution that combines SD-WAN capabilities, network security and is cloud-ready.Rob McBride, Head of Product Marketing at Versa Networks explains how Versa’s SD-WAN solution intelligently unifies best practices from legacy technologies and innovative networking concepts to build an agile, cloud-ready, secure, manageable and cost effective SD-WAN driven network.

Benefits of Versa Enterprise Solution

  • Reduce Cost

    Reduce costs significantly by software defining the branch, network, security infrastructure and using a dynamic policy-driven model over a hybrid WAN.

  • Simplify

    Eliminate the sprawl and complexity of physical and virtual appliances with Versa’s multi-service software platform that integrates networking and security.

  • Accelerate

    Speed up deployment and automate operations with zero touch deployment, policy-based  control and life-cycle management.


Choose the right option for your environment
  • Software
    Available as software to deploy on your hardware as bare metal, hypervisor (KVM, VMware) or containers
  • Appliance
    Available on Versa appliances or Versa certified third-party white box appliances or servers
  • Cloud
    Available as software for deployment in public (AWS, Azure) or private clouds

Next Steps?


Improve Cost & Performance and Increase Branch Security.