FIFA World Cup 2018- Don’t Let Your Enterprise Networks Pay a Penalty

Let’s begin with some eye-opening statistics. According to a number of sources, the 2014 World Cup was watched by 3.2 billion people worldwide, making it the largest ever in FIFA history. In total, 280 million people watched matches online or through a mobile device. Experts expect that the viewership numbers in 2018 will see an increase between 65–70% due to improved accessibility of live-streaming on mobile devices.

The Internet of Everything Insecure

As the number of IoT enabled devices infiltrating the enterprise networks grows manifold, organizations have a new security challenge to address. Securing the enterprise network and software-defining it is the most logical first step to getting the organization IoT ready.

Optimize the Enterprise Network for Multi-Cloud- Webinar Highlights

Many still consider SD-WAN as an emerging technology in the enterprise IT space. However, SD-WAN has started to gain traction among IT leaders. Organizations world-wide that are gearing up or are mid-way through a ‘digital transformation’ drive need to take a more software-defined approach to their infrastructure. IT teams in these organizations are increasingly relying on automation to help them with the routine tasks to make IT more efficient.