Why Versa

It’s time…
WANs and managed services have to change.

While many IT technologies have evolved radically over the last twenty years, many fundamentals of WANs and managed services have not. MPLS remains the primary approach to private line connectivity, and managed services continue to be hardware-based, slow to deploy and expensive to build and run for customers.

But network function virtualization (NFV), and the virtualized network functions (VNF) within it, promise a whole new (and software-based!) approach to designing, building and operating WANs and managed services (including SD-WANs).

We’ve been there and addressed major networking challenges before.

Kumar and Apurva Mehta founded Versa Networks in 2012, building upon their experience at Juniper Networks developing the multi-billion dollar MX Series router to address major Internet traffic growth. At Versa, they have integrated their deep technical expertise in service provider networks with core innovation around service virtualization and capabilities for simplifying managed services.

Versa vision and mission…via software.

Versa’s vision is to leverage the rapid advances in network virtualization, programmability and agile provisioning, and couple them with proven networking technologies to create an integrated and system-level software approach to next generation WANs and managed services.

Versa’s mission is to address the primary operational and business challenges that service providers and large enterprises are facing with hardware-based WANs and managed services, and to deliver the true promise of NFV.