Versa Network’s response to COVID-19 and our commitment to you

Supporting our customers and partners has always been the priority for Versa Networks. We are here to help keep your businesses running while ensuring your employees and teams are safe, secure, and productive.  This includes continuous availability of our technology, solutions, consulting, design, implementation, technical support, and operations necessary to adapt in this everchanging environment. We are here to help our customers keep their businesses operating smoothly, ensure their employees and teams are securely connected, and help them to deliver traditionally on-site services remotely.

In addition to deploying our solution for work from home, our team is helping scale rapid deployments of connectivity infrastructure for businesses who need to adapt to providing healthcare, essential services, and government resources.  We also take pride in delivering a best of breed solution to organizations that are on the front lines of dealing with this pandemic – those with lab services for testing, those offering services via telemedicine, and those delivering services in person.

We are also working closely with many of our service provider partners who instantly responded to the dramatic increase in the demand from their customers, especially essential businesses such as healthcare, grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, gas stations, and government agencies.

The safety, security, and health of our employees is a continuous focus which is why we activated our business continuity plan early on and shifted our employees to working remotely. Our organization is a distributed team that operates globally with secure access to the services necessary to maintain our and your business continuity. We were able to leverage the infrastructure we have had in place to deliver design, deployment, and support services securely from either our employee’s homes or Versa offices.  Where necessary we have activated contingency plans to maintain our supply chains and partner relationships to ensure our ability to deliver on the requirements of our customers.

Thank you to ALL of our partners and customers for their joint response to this extraordinary crisis.

Please contact us at if there is anything we can do to help you, your employees, and your customers in any way.  We are here to help and stronger than ever.