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Managed security at the branch: major market opportunity

Gartner estimates that by 2016 more than 30% of advanced threats will target the most vulnerable entry point of the enterprise — the branch office. At the same time, the number of mobile devices accessing the Internet and company SaaS applications from the workplace is expected to triple. A branch-level network security strategy to address these trends is essential.

But advanced branch security is a challenge for most enterprises: they often lack sufficient IT personnel, integration between security (and network) products can be problematic, and the already complicated network grows more complex each day. The search for cost-effective and efficient branch security leaves service providers uniquely positioned to respond with an array of managed security services.


Versa enables providers to deliver more agile and cost-efficient managed security by migrating from hardware-based services to a software-defined approach (SD-Security) that leverages virtualized network and security functions (VNFs). Versa provides a broad set of security VNFs, including next-generation firewall, malware protection, URL and content filtering, IPS and anti-virus, DDOS and VPN/next-generation VPN.

Versa managed SD-Security solutions have built-in multi-tenancy, service chaining and zero-touch provisioning, enabling providers to deliver security services much more rapidly, with lower capital and operating costs, resulting in higher revenue and profitability.




Agile Security for the Branch

Easily secure and manage branch offices with Software-defined Security

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Increase service agility

By migrating from proprietary hardware- to Versa VNF-based security services, providers can reduce the deployment time of managed security services from weeks or months down to hours.

For branch deployments, providers simply ship a commodity appliance and use Versa Director central management to zero-touch provision the device — no truck rolls are required.

Incremental security functions can be centrally provisioned and downloaded in real-time to the commodity appliance as needed, significantly reducing deployment and integration work.


Reduce the cost of security services

The Versa managed security solution is purpose-built to reduce by up to 80% the high capital and operating costs that are prevalent in most security service offerings.

Capex is radically lowered by replacing proprietary security appliances and perpetual software with Versa security VNFs and pay-as-you-go subscription pricing. Built-in multi-tenancy further lowers Capex.

Opex is reduced through the Versa Director management platform and zero-touch provisioning, which eliminate truck rolls and greatly simplify ongoing operations such as software updates and capacity expansion.


Minimize operational complexity

Versa simplifies the validation and deployment of managed security services through built-in service chaining. Integrating multiple security functions (including third party) into a rich managed security service becomes simple, and the level of time and troubleshooting required during deployment is minimized vs. installing and integrating proprietary security appliances and software. Zero-touch provisioning further simplifies deployment.

Ongoing operations are simplified through the Versa Director management platform, which provides a single console and control across all Versa security functions. Capacity increases can be dynamically provisioned centrally, and incremental security functions can be easily added by downloading a VNF.


Increase revenue through new, rich security services

The Versa managed security solution enables providers to cost-effectively build their own custom security offerings to meet the needs of different market segments from SMB to large enterprise.

For example, a provider can create a simple managed firewall service for SMB customers with a stateful or next-generation firewall in the telco cloud, and use the same Versa resources to build and manage a comprehensive enterprise security service with full on-premises UTM functionality and cloud-based malware protection.


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