A New Approach
to Building Managed Services

Traditionally, managed network and security service offerings have required a hardware-based approach which can be slow and expensive to deploy, requires proprietary appliances, and are designed around a closed architecture that can be difficult to scale up and/or integrate with third party technologies.

By transitioning from a hardware-based managed service to a software-based and more DevOps-oriented approach, service providers can harness the power of network virtualization to provide greater service agility and time-to-revenue, combined with lower Capex and Opex. To make this transition achievable, Versa has created broad set of virtualized network functions (VNFs) in software that run on commodity x86-based hardware, and that are open and fully programmable.

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Delivering Managed Services Using Next Generation Branch Architectures

By Doyle Research

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Make Your Services Agile & Profitable


Increase service agility

Based on software VNFs, service chaining and centralized provisioning, Versa solutions significantly decrease the time required to design, build and deploy new managed services — whether whether rich managed SD-WAN + SD-Security or low-cost vCPE offerings.

Because services built with Versa solutions are software-based (using commodity hardware) and centrally provisioned with zero-touch, new customers can be deployed in hours vs. weeks or months required with traditional hardware-based services.


Grow revenue & customer value

Versa solutions are multi-service and include a wide range of networking and security VNFs.

Providers can leverage Versa’s integrated service chaining to easily create rich multi-VNF managed services (like SD-WAN + SD-Security) that deliver higher revenue, greater differentiation and more customer value than basic connectivity offerings.


Lower costs up to 80%

Versa solutions are based on carrier-grade software VNFs coupled with commodity x86-based hardware, and radically reduce Capex vs. proprietary network and security hardware. Integrated multi-tenancy allows service providers to provision services for thousands of customers and tens of thousands of branches from a single Versa deployment.

Providers can significantly lower Opex through zero-touch provisioning and eliminating branch office truck rolls.  New services can be easily up-sold and added to customers.



More versatile architectures & services

Versa designed its solutions to maximize versatility (hence Versa) and enable specific VNFs to be deployed on either customer or provider premises.

Providers benefit by building and deploying exactly the services their customers need, and through creating a range of managed service offerings targeted at their different market segments.


We’ve paved the way for virtual CPE and hybrid network services, and have partnered with Versa Networks…Versa’s NFV solution comes with significant flexibility and has enabled Colt to deliver new services to the market faster. - Mirko Voltolini, VP Technology and Architecture of Colt

Use Cases for Service Providers

Managed SD-WAN

For larger customers that require a fully on-premises deployment of connectivity services and/or are interested in the benefits of SD-WAN, Versa enables providers to deliver a highly scalable and cost-effective managed SD-WAN service.  While most SD-WAN products were developed for single customer deployments and connectivity only, the Versa solution is multi-tenant and multi-service (including SD-Security).

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Managed SD-Security

To serve customers looking to increase information security at their branch offices, providers can create managed SD-Security services using one or multiple Versa security VNFs.  Service offerings can be built with security functions at the customer premises (e.g. next-gen firewalls and URL filtering to enable direct Internet access), or located at the provider premises.

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Virtual CPE (vCPE)

For creating a managed service with minimal branch infrastructure, Versa VNF-based virtual CPE (vCPE) provides a very flexible and lightweight deployment model.  Connectivity options from branch site to PoP can range from simple Layer 2 forwarding to full routing, and achieved through an on-premises VNF residing on a local server or very low-cost appliance.

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