Versa FlexVNF

The Versa Networks VNF solution – Versa FlexVNF – allows service providers and large enterprises to transform the WAN and branch network to achieve unprecedented business advantages. Versa’s software-based approach provides unmatched agility, cost savings and flexibility vs. traditional network hardware.


For service providers, Versa FlexVNF enables next-generation managed services for virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE), managed software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and managed security. For enterprises, it provides carrier-grade solutions for SD-WAN and branch security projects.


Range of Branch Architectures



Highly flexible Versa FlexVNF software allows customers to create a broad spectrum of branch architectures from a thin branch, with the majority of virtualized functions located in the point of presence (PoP) or data center, all the way to a thick branch with all virtualized network and security functions running onsite – such as an SD-WAN with full security. Regardless of where each function is located, all network and security components are provisioned and managed centrally through the Versa Director management platform.



Versa Provides a Wide Range of VNFs

Versa FlexVNF provides the broadest set of VNFs in the industry to successfully deploy the use cases of vCPE, SD-WAN and branch security – making it possible to design rich profitable managed services and enterprise branch architectures with lower TCO.



Versa FlexVNF is purpose-built with many carrier-grade operational capabilities, including a distributed control and data plane fabric with built-in elasticity and capacity on-demand.

Powerful service chaining for both Versa VNFs and third party services (including appliance-based), enables providers and large enterprises to easily integrate multiple network and security functions into complex managed services and enterprise architectures.

Versa FlexVNF has built-in multi-tenancy that enables services for thousands of customers from a single head-end deployment, providing service agility and economy of scale.