Versa Analytics

More than ever, network visibility and control, predictability, adaptability and a feedback loop based on analytics data are a necessity for trouble-free and secure networks. Comprehensive analytics increases both visibility into what is happening with the network and what to do about it in a timely manner.

Versa Analytics is a real-time big data solution purpose-built for Versa FlexVNFs and the managed services and enterprise WANs they are deployed in. It provides visibility and control, base lining, correlation, prediction and a feedback loop into all Versa VNFs.

Versa Analytics provides real-time and historical search, and can generate reports on usage patterns, trends, security events, and alerts. It analyzes the vast amounts of historical data sent from Versa VNFs to find and present critical data points, resulting in actionable analytics and reports. Tight native integration with Versa VNFs ensures optimized storage, search results and system performance.







Like other Versa solution components, Versa Analytics has built-in multi-tenancy that enables a single cluster to provide analytics for hundreds of customers, resulting in deployment agility and economy of scale. It tightly integrates with Versa Director to provide complete role-based access control (RBAC).

Versa Analytics is operations-ready and supports standard protocols and log formats, such as Syslog and IPFIX, making it compatible with existing SIEM, monitoring, and reporting systems. Versa Analytics is extensible and flexible via REST APIs, and significantly less expensive than deploying third party analytics solutions.

The result is carrier-grade, multi-tenant big data analysis for realizing the full value proposition of Versa VNFs.