Build Next-Gen WANs & Branch Networks

Versa Networks enables service providers and large enterprises to build next-generation WAN and branch networks based on a broad set of virtualized network functions (VNFs).  Versa VNF-based solutions eliminate costly and proprietary network hardware to increase service agility and significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).  Customers typically deploy Versa VNFs in hours vs. the days or weeks required for traditional hardware appliances.


For Service Providers

Build and operate a wide set of new managed services through VNFs.


For Service Providers

  • Increase service agility
  • Grow market opportunity
  • Lower capex & opex
  • Create richer services

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For Enterprises

Re-define your network and branch through SD-WAN + virtualized security.


For Enterprise

  • Reduce MPLS & WAN costs
  • Improve application performance
  • Simplify your WAN & branch network
  • Increase branch security

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Make Your Managed Services Profitable & Agile



Built with integrated multi-tenancy, Versa solutions allow service providers to achieve economy of scale by leveraging the Versa deployment at a PoP or data center to provision a managed service for thousands of different end customers and tens of thousands of remotes sites.



Zero-Touch Provisioning

Versa solutions provide true zero-touch provisioning to maximize service agility and lower operating costs.

Once a service definition is created, an end customer or service provider team member can log into Versa Director and instantly download and deploy a Versa VNF instance onto the x86 hardware appliance in the branch office.


Scalability / Elasticity

Versa solutions provide carrier-grade scalability and elasticity.  Capacity increases and decreases are provisioned on-demand for all Versa VNFs to improve service agility and meet end customer requirements.


Multi-Service with Service Chaining

Versa solutions are multi-service and include a wide range of VNFs including application-aware routing, VPN/NG VPN, CGNAT, stateful and next-gen firewalls, URL filtering and other security services.

Providers can leverage Versa integrated service chaining to create rich multi-VNF managed services that deliver higher revenue and customer value.

Versa Product Family

Versa FlexVNF

Core building block for Versa VNF solutions, which includes a broad set of virtualized network and security functions with carrier-grade multi-tenancy, programmability, service chaining and elasticity

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Versa Director

Single point of centralized control and management for both connectivity and services

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Versa Analytics

Real-time analytics engine for control, visibility, prediction and a feedback loop for adaptability

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